Replace static signage, message & bulletin boards, menus and web graphics with dynamic video displays that include animated elements and your own branding & assets.


Company ID for Chinimble Lore, LLC - HARK Productions' parent company that specializes in feature film & television development.

  • Displays can be silent or include music and/or voiceover.
  • Displays can be portrait or landscape - designed to fit the intended space.
  • Packages can include update schedules - tailored to your specific needs - to accommodate frequent or occasional changes needed for retail or event promotional content.

>>>Note: Samples below demonstrate various looks & feels with non-existent entities. "Real" projects would likely be longer and have cleaner finishes.


  • IDs & Logos can be silent or have music and/or sound effects.
  • Animated logos designed by HARK can include hi-rez, "print-friendly" versions.

>>>Note: Animation options will be limited by delivered state for pre-existing, client-provided graphic files.