Everyone has heard of Coca-Cola and McDonald's, yet they spend millions of dollars every year on advertising. Why is that? Because it works. Small businesses are no different. But it's not enough to just "be out there" - you need have a quality, cohesive image. These tools will give you that image and help you to reinforce a strong brand in today's competive market place.

We live in a media-driven world. Today more than ever, it is critical to have video-based media play some part in your marketing and promotion. From TV commercials to video menu/message boards, these tools are both dynamic and highly versatile.

Video message board to replace static signage, menus & web graphics with animated elements and your branding

We can arrange to purchase and install a flat panel monitor for you. Ask for details.

30-second video that can be uploaded to the internet and/or used as a TV commercial. Just provide a few pictures and we'll turn them into a fresh, animated presentation. It's never been this easy and affordable to look so good.

Video & message board combo.

Radio Ad based on your video content.

VO artist extra if needed.

From print ads and business cards to websites and promotional materials, consistency goes beyond just putting your logo on things. You want unified color schemes, fonts and tag lines. (Prices are for design only)

Business Card (single side).

Return Customer Punch Card (single sided).

Up to 5 different names.



Color Ad for print or web.

Greyscale version.

Single-Sided Flyer / Poster / Menu.

Double-Sided Flyer / Brochure / Menu.

Banner ad for the web.


Header for website, social media page and/or blog.

Color coupon for print or web.

Greyscale version.


Need a Logo?
We can design one for you and deliver it fit for print and web.

Video/TV Ad - Radio Ad - Print Ad - Coupon - Business Card - Letterhead.

Video Display - Single-Sided Flyer - Punch Card.

Video/TV Ad - Web Banner & Header - Coupon.

The biggest problem small businesses run into is inconsistencies in their advertising and promotional content. A radio salesperson comes in and sells you "a spot." Then, a cable media account executive hears your spot and sells you on a "TV spot." Now, you have radio and TV playing, but the music and focus of the content are likely to be different. Then you buy a print ad in the local paper and the graphics don't match up with the free clip art you chose when you were online designing your business card...Before you know it, you're advertising in several different mediums, but you don't have a strong image because there is no continuity to strengthen your brand.

Your print materials need to look like your TV ads which need to sound like your radio spots. It's as simple as that.